We offer following solutions:

  • Systems of water treatment - regardless of the water source - as well as purification of the supplied water to the top potable quality.
  • Systems of water treatment for buildings and habitation centers including purification of selected sewages to enable their reuse as a "grey water".
  • Solutions enabling water supply to the places, where infrastructure is poorly
  • A complex service for waste and sewage treatment and closing systems of water supply in industrial plants.
  • Solving of potable water supply problems in terrains of high water deficiency.
  • Creation of dedicated projects, according to customer defined requirements,
    beginning from water analysis to device start-up.
  • Advisory services covering liquids' treatment and utilization.
  • Filters for aquaristic purposes.
  • We support you after sale in the range of advertising, service, exploitation.
  • Full guarantees for systems of liquid treatment are offered by our company.
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